Hands Creations Limited was founded in 2011 by Roger Man, a trained professional architect and previous partner of Hands Interior Design Limited, with a vision for expansion and to provide a complete design solution that caters to the individuality of Clients and their culture. HCL strives to provide our Clients with a comprehensive scope of interior design services from feasibility studies, through planning and to project implementation.

We are comprised of a professional team of Designers and Project Managers from around the globe, bringing influences from each country and culture, joining them to create a cache of creativity, visions and experience to cater to the unique needs of each and every project owner and operator. Our designers work under the philosophy that all interiors should be a journey, bringing a new experience for the end user around every corner and in every niche. Collaborating closely are our project managers who will oversee the projects from beginning to end, ensuring that the design is delivered with quality, on time, within budget and with added value.