Recipient of A&D Trophy Award 2017, Interior Design (Professional), Best Bar / Restaurant Certificate of Excellence

The Brand

Established in 2006, the Yes Thai Cuisine chain has always been true to its essence, offering flavours of traditional Thailand not only in its cuisine but also in its environment, incorporating artwork and artifacts procured from Thailand paying homage to the cultures of the land. However in the ever changing consumer market, there has been a gradual shift of the Mainland Chinese clientele from families and executives to a younger generation in pursuit of a quality lifestyle where restaurants not only provide a place for dining but also a place to mingle and chill. There was an inevitable need to evolve and capture this crowd through reinvention of the brand image. It is our honour to have worked with Yes Thai Cuisine since 2011, delivering over 10 restaurants.

The Design

yesthai-epmall-4Stripping down traditional architecture to its essential elements of form, materiality and texture, the design aims was to retain the essence the culture and the brand, while presenting these in a new light. Inspiration stems from the proximity of nature in the Thai environment, where indoor and outdoor frequently cross paths. Whether lounging under a straw cabana or dining amongst the trees, there is always an air of comfort and relaxation. It is exactly this laid back quality that the design aims to offer, presenting the space as a back garden highlighted with greenery.

yesthai-epmall-2Located in a relatively remote area of the shopping mall, the restaurant is not easily seen. A metallic screen inspired by traditional woodwork and the imagery of banana leaves envelop the shopfront the catch the eye. The semi-open quality also offers views into the secret garden behind.

yesthai-epmall-3Beyond the shopfront, the eye is guided towards the central ceiling feature, a circular frame structure spanning seven metres in diameter. Set against a dark open ceiling, the feature is highlighted by accent lighting that reflects off of the metallic mesh panels aligned along the circumference. It appears to float in the centre of the garden space like an oversized lantern.

yesthai-epmall-1The success of the design is largely attributed to the decorative elements, which are the combined efforts of our designers and our client, sourcing hundreds of various artwork and artifacts locally and in Thailand.